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AEM patchwork platform set straight


A crucial part of our Client’s Digital Marketing strategy was building a regional Digital IT Ecosystem. The solution consisted of a set of interconnected systems that follow 360 customers’ journey.

Digital IT ecosystem

  • Web portals with marketing content about products of the company implemented on Adobe Experience Manager platform
  • Analytical data handled by Adobe Analytics
  • CRM and an identity management system based on Salesforce
  • Campaign automation system using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

All these components were initially developed for our Client by separate teams with their specific skill sets but also with their specific limitations, isolated backlogs of tasks and operations processes. Such setup was good enough to support digital activities incoming from marketing teams to certain extent but it had many shortcomings. Introducing new functions was a challenging process. Without diving deep into the technical dependencies between the components of the solution, it was difficult for the Client to control changes implemented to the system. Utmost attention had to be paid to coordinate cooperation between the teams to be sure that all the required functions will be delivered in each component in a correct order. It was not an easy task due to weak communication. They communicated in a reactive way (only when problems occured) and didn’t have a proactive approach for optimal, integrated development of the whole solution.


TTMS took on full responsibility for the operations and enhancements of the Digital Ecosystem components one by one. A comprehensive service delivery was constituted for each system. Teams started working more closely. The integration between them was significantly improved by common approach to continuous development and streamlined communication on many levels and roles. Combined teams workshops were organized by TTMS to improve the cooperation even more. A Board of Architects was constituted to oversee the project and solution development. They provide the Client with technical consultancy for the Digital IT Ecosystem as a whole.


TTMS is successfully taking care of the complex multidimensional Digital foundation consisting of an integrated web portal, identity management system, CRM, analytics tool and campaign automation solution. In result of this handover:

Teams provide timely and targeted information to the Client

The efficiency of the marketing function was transformed and teams are now able to respond to emerging business needs faster than ever

Even complex and cross-system changes (like the alignment of the ecosystem to GDPR rules) are introduced seamlessly and with optimal cost

Business users don’t need to worry about underlying technology solutions when requesting new requirements or improvements – it just works for them