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e-Signature appexchange support for the leading e-security provider


Our Client from Canada has been delivering a high quality e-security and e-signature solution for many years. At some point, they discovered potential in the Salesforce Platform and decided to create a product that would be accessible to Salesforce clients.

The outcome was an application available via AppExchange created by one of the Salesforce Partners at that time. Since then, the application has underwent no further changes because our Client lacked the skills necessary to expand the system, while their customer base kept growing.


  • Lack of Salesforce knowledge required to maintain the crucial product in the portfolio
  • Lack of resources to fix and develop functionalities in the new versions of the package
  • Lack of skills to support the company’s customers using the AppExchange Salesforce product
  • Need to create a compelling roadmap based on the changes made to the product over a year
  • and on the customers’ feedback and requests
  • Lack of competence to interview and hire staff internally


We put together a team with three main goals. The key objective was to provide day-to-day support to our Client and their customers. This assured business continuity, secured SLA compliance and gave us time to plan the future including upgrading the existing package to the newest cutting-edge technology and security standards. Having the maintenance process and the plan for future improvements in place, with our support, our Client decided to rebuild their internal Salesforce capabilities in order to understand the key benefits of the Salesforce Platform and how it could be used to expand their business. This included not only skills, but also a list of future standards to be implemented to ensure the solution is scalable, high-performing, and secure.

1 Service Manager
2 Salesforce Developers
1 Solution Architect


  • A higher satisfaction rate of our Client’s customers due to a professional, skilled and experienced support team
  • Faster response to incidents – higher service quality
  • Upgraded package supporting top cutting-edge security mechanisms
  • A list of instructions allowing to expand an application according to the best standards
  • An understanding of how and what can be achieved with Salesforce and how it can impact the Client’s business
  • A flexible cooperation model where our Client can use our skills and knowledge based on their priorities their priorities