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Global identity store based on Salesforce


Our Client is a global pharmaceutical company that delivers services and products to most of the countries globally. Due to the scale of its business, our client had to find a way to provide more and more information to their customers, but also to sales representatives working in a field. At first, there was a number of portals containing information about medicines and special offers. With time, there emerged a need for more systems supporting customer interaction that would cover the growing geographical range. That led to very high complexity and a need to integrate multiple systems, which meant a considerable increase in maintenance costs and data management issues.


  • Lack of a single database of all the users with their accounts
  • Lack of a space where all their preferences and setting info could be stored and managed
  • Lack of a system that would be able to work as a proxy for other Identity Stores
  • Lack of a system to work with any type of apps: web and mobile
  • Lack of unique single sign-on experience for over 150 applications in an ecosystem


First of all, the client needed a single database of users where all the existing user data sources could be migrated and merged. That decreased a maintenance effort and costs drastically from a day one. Thanks to built-in Salesforce functionality and cheap Salesforce licenses that task was quite easy to achieve. For that purpose, we built a custom application on The next step was an integration with a list of External Data Providers to support local markets. That allowed to use external data sets, providing users with the same User Experience instead of having different UIs for different applications and regions. Recently, a cutting-edge functionality was introduced on single sign-on experience for all the applications.

1 Service Manager
6 Salesforce Developers
2 Marketing Cloud Devs
3 Testers
1 Front END


Currently, that system supports over 50.000 users across 32 countries in Europe and Africa. It is a scalable and resilient solution that gives the client a chance to grow dynamically, still being able to predict future costs. It’s all thanks to Salesforce affordable licensing model. Finally, our client was able to keep all the information about all the external users in one place, keeping information about their preferences and profiles, which in the future can be used as a base for advanced BI.