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Industrial IoT for higher efficiency


Typically, the data model is tailored to the domain. The concern of ABB, which was operating in industries such as automation, robotics and energy, was that it had separate IoT platforms for each domain. This meant that each production area had to create such a platform from scratch and according to different needs depending on what device was connected to the cloud. The company needed a generic model that could represent any device.


Lack of a uniform platform that could address the needs of different domains


We created a solution that allows to connect any device to a generic process using the appropriate ABB Ability Information Model language. The platform made it possible to connect devices to the cloud, which then sent data in a specific format. Access to the cloud allows us to monitor the parameters. Our job was to create a system that would automatically verify and analyze data from these devices. We took responsibility for data stream processing and platform monitoring. This data can be sent in a compressed form to save bandwidth and associated costs. We were also in charge of authorization and data routing. The client had differently branded apartments in ABB, and each department had a different application, depending on the production department. The customer could request the form in which the data should be available.

1 Service Manager
1 Software Architect
1 Lead Engineer
4 Software Engineers
3 DevOps Engineers
2 Quality Assurance Engineers


The Client was provided with an Industrial IoT solution. The ABB departments that had already implemented these solutions were offered a more efficient, automated process for monitoring and automating data from devices. An example is ABB AbilityTM Edgenius Operations Data Manager - a mobile application that enables real-time analysis and visualization of operational data sent via a source (device) to the cloud.