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Service center based on Oracle Eloqua


Our Client, an international enterprise from the IT sector, focused on B2B solutions and was implementing a CX approach in their marketing strategy. The majority of the connected, multi-channel communication to their prospects and clients is delivered through marketing automation solutions. The organization, with its base in USA, is a global leader with a strong focus on EMEA markets.

While the American market is more consistent in terms of language and sales strategy, Europe is much more demanding when it comes to the distribution of markets, regional marketing operations, and localization. Each European country or region has its own, more or less specific nature, client base, market potential and thus marketing approach. However, taking the above into consideration, the Company still needs to maintain a consistent corporate visual identity, as well as global marketing strategy. In order to face this challenge, the Company created a Service Center for EMEA. The main purpose of the Service Center is the coordination of activities of 7 regional marketing teams and helping them to create and manage their campaigns. The Company decided to bring to life a single operations team for marketing automation in EMEA. The team uses Oracle Eloqua to handle all requests from the Service Center, as well as directly from the Regions, in an efficient and timely manner.


TTMS created a team of Eloqua consultants led by a senior service coordinator. Basing on our long-standing experience in IT operations services, we were able to take over the EMEA part of Eloqua operations service from the global team based in USA quickly and seamlessly.

We implemented our own internal procedures and workflow management tools to make the request execution process faster and more efficient. Together with our London-based partner, the digital transformation agency Crocodile, we created an end-to-end service, where TTMS is responsible for Eloqua operations and Crocodile provides CX marketing consultancy for the EMEA Service Center, as well as locally for each Region.

Service Center

The scope of provided services

After 2 weeks of knowledge transfer, our service was able to start running operationally for the whole EMEA division, handling requests from both the Service Center and the Regions.

The team follows a well-organized process of handling campaign briefs in this distributed business environment. Multiple rules have been defined in the process in order to satisfy various incoming requests by a single operations team. SLA parameters are met thanks to a customized ticketing system used for requesting campaigns, processing tickets, internal communications between our team and the marketers, as well as controlling the work progress and execution time.


The Eloqua team took over the responsibility for timely and effective management of marketing automation in EMEA from the U.S. team. Focused on EMEA needs and operating in the same time zone, the team is able to quickly fulfill the Client’s requests, communicating directly with the owners of campaign requests and with the Service Center while following the required process for handling tickets. The Client’s satisfaction has increased due to a reduced delivery time in comparison to the pre-transition figures.

The service quality remains high and there are no unnecessary delays. The team was able to build the Client’s trust thanks to its reliability, exceptional know-HOw, and relationship building skills. This is especially important when working in a live environment where permanent damage can be caused with just a single click when activating the campaign. Very satisfied with the Eloqua service, the Client unlocked plenty of time and attention to focus on their actual business goals.